Ritual Tribute and Energy Exchange Policy

Your Tribute supports your community. An income-based sliding scale Tribute/Exchange of $33-$20 is due before each ritual gathering.  No one is ever judged or turned away due to financial hardship; our Financial Hardship/Student/Elders scale is $19-$13. Other gatherings may have different costs associated with them—please see our website for more information.

Bestowing the Tribute/Exchange is your sovereign responsibility and payment must be made in advance using the link provided in each Invitation.  RSVPs are not accepted without Tribute registration.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and are in need of offering an Energy Exchange in lieu of a financial Tribute for ritual, please contact the ritual’s First Priestess to discuss your needs. Energy Exchange is offered only through advance discussion with the Priestess Council and is determined ritual-by-ritual based upon certain criteria.

Sisterhood of the Moon Energy Exchange Policy

These are our Sisterhood of the Moon boundaries for Tribute Energy Exchange.

We ask that you look into your heart and be honest about your current financial situation.  If you are able to do the following, we ask that you make a monetary, income-based sliding scale Tribute to your community ($33-$20; Financial Hardship/Elders/Students: $19-$13):

1)      You are able to feed yourself and your family, put gas into your car, pay for housing, heat, and electricity.

2)      You are able to go out to eat monthly.

3)      You are able to purchase recreational substances such as alcohol, marijuana, or cigarettes.

4) You are able to afford body modifications, such as tattoos.

If you still require our support after considering these points, please do speak with us.

It is our intention that all of our community members first offer our resources to where our hearts are.  You, your community, and your Priestesses are worth it!

We give gratitude for your support and care of your community, Dear Ones, and we are, as always, here to address your questions and concerns.

With Appreciation and Gratitude from Your Priestess Council,

Lady Jesamyn Angelica

Priestess Sabrina Moon

Priestess-Initiate Penny

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