Ritual Tribute Policy Change 2018 (Updated 7-11-18)

Dear Sisterhood of the Moon Communities,

As promised, here is our share about our new community Tribute/Exchange policy and protocol that went into effect in December. As you have (hopefully!) noticed, this has changed significantly over the past few months.

This message is extremely important and is fundamental to our community’s livelihood.  We request that you make the time to read it carefully as a way of valuing and giving care to your community and her Priestesses.

It was very difficult for us to make the decisions that heralded these changes but, due to repeated and long-standing abuse of the Honor System, it became imperative that a significant adjustment occur for the health of our community.  We are decidedly sad to say that the Honor System was being taken advantage of and has now been retired from Sisterhood of the Moon.

We asked you to reflect on this statement prior to our Dedication Rite: “Yes, I choose to be a part of this community and I hold it sacred in my life.  It has value and meaning for me.”  If this is true for you, then your support of your community—our shared visions, goals, and mission—is needed.  Your Tribute counts, in so many ways.

We don’t live in a time where our sacred Medicine Women are housed and fed.  Priestesses need to be self-sufficient and have a livelihood, and we believe that priestessing is a valid vocational Path.  Who will tend to Spirit whilst the rest of us are in the workforce?  Who will stir the Cauldron of Change?  Who will hold space for the trials and celebrations of our lives?

Our Temple—our sacred place of Goddess worship—requires monetary support to be open. Costs associated with rituals and gatherings such as ceremonial effects, cleaning necessities, website upkeep, office supplies, groundskeeping, electricity, hot water, heat, repairs, and renovations are real. For our Sacred House to exist we must all participate.

To that effect, RSVPs need now be made via the offering of Tribute.

Our website was updated to reflect this change and now says:


Your Tribute supports your community. A Tribute/Exchange of $33-$13 per person is due for each ritual attended; other gatherings may have different costs associated with them—please see our Schedule page for more information.

Bestowing the Tribute/Exchange ($33-$13, sliding scale based upon income level) is your sovereign responsibility and payment must be made in advance using the link provided in each Invitation.  Please support your Priestesses, your community, and this work by making your Tribute at the time of your RSVP.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and are in need of offering an Energy Exchange in lieu of a financial Tribute for ritual, please contact the ritual’s First Priestess to discuss your needs.  Energy Exchange is offered only through advance discussion with the Priestesses and is determined ritual-by-ritual based upon certain criteria.

One half of your Tribute goes directly to the ritual’s First Priestess in support of sustainable priestessing and to show respect for her work. The other half of your Tribute goes into our community treasury. Treasury funds are used to pay for ritual and Sanctuary supplies, expenses incurred in opening and maintaining the Sanctuary and Sacred Grove, fees associated with pursuing non-profit status, travel expenses, and finishing the construction of our sacred space.

Your Priestesses devote an abundance of time, energy, and other resources into planning each ritual, ensuring that we all have a quality spiritual experience. Since all of our rites are planned specifically for those who RSVP, if you cancel the day of ritual or do not show, you are still responsible for your Tribute to the Sisterhood. We do not offer any refunds.

If you would like to show your support for our mission, we gratefully and enthusiastically welcome any Tribute you are called to bless us with.  Please see our Sanctuary Wish List for our current needs or make your donation via the Paypal button below.  We appreciate all contributions, large and small!  It takes many resources to keep our community functioning smoothly and powerfully as we move ever forward towards self-sufficiency and sustainable priestessing.

The criteria to be met to provide Energetic Exchange in lieu of monetary Tribute is shared via email with Sisters who so request it.  For the sake of transparency and all of us arriving together on the same page, we share that message with you here:

Sisterhood of the Moon Energetic Exchange/Tribute

Dear Sister-Queen,

Thank you for inquiring about participating in ritual with us!  These are our Sisterhood of the Moon boundaries for Energetic Exchange/Tribute.

We ask that you look into your heart and be honest about your current financial situation.  If you are able to do the following, we ask that you make a monetary, income-based sliding scale Tribute to your community ($33-$13):

1)      You are able to feed yourself and your family, put gas into your car, pay for housing, heat, and electricity.

2)      You are able to go out to eat monthly.

3)      You are able to purchase recreational substances such as alcohol, marijuana, or cigarettes.

4) You are able to afford body modifications, such as tattoos. (Added on 7/13/18)

If you still require our support after considering these points, please do speak with us.

It is our intention that all of our community members first offer our resources to where our hearts are.  You, your community, and your Priestesses are worth it!

We give gratitude for your support and care of your community, Dear Ones, and we joyfully anticipate the next stage of our growth.  We are, as always, here to address your questions and concerns.

With Appreciation in Her Service,

Your Priestess Team,

Lady Jesamyn Angelica

Priestess Sabrina Moon

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